Jacques de Wurstemberger


Count Jacques de Wurstemberger was born in 1917.
He passes his driver's license at age 20 years and buys his first car, a TA in October 1937 and kept it for nine years,
then buys two successive CT.

He started racing in 1947, taking the pseudonym "Hervé" by a hill climb, cutting Christmas 1947,
then continues the season in 1948. In February 1948, he buys an MG K3 (K3024 former Norman Black), Monaco Motors in England.
With this car, "Herve" participates in many hill climbs and tours in Switzerland. He won many victories in
in Swiss championship until 1954, often ahead of much more modern cars.

"Hervé" also participates in the International Cup of the Alps in 1948 and 1949 with a TC, then in 1951, 1952 and 1953 a
Jaguar XK120 followed with an Aston Martin. Jacques de Wurstemberger was also a great collector and had a beautiful
collection of cars, with 6 Avion Voisin, a Lancia Lambda, a Delage D8 120S bodied by Guillore, a Talbot T26 GS,
and of course very interesting MG.

He created the Foundation Herve in 2000. It is an automotive museum which includes his collection with rare MG: K3 (K3024 ex
1934 Norman Black), a sedan SA 1934, the only copy of the 4-seater Tourer WA 1938, which was purchased new by the police of
Glasgow, a TC 1947, a 1500 MGA bought new from the factory and prepared by the competition department for the Rallye des Alpes 1957.